Wampa Granola Bars, a Perfect Star Wars Snack!
  • Pre-packaged granola bars (Special K Greek Yogurt & Fruit were used in the picture)
  • Pre-packaged white frosting (Pilsbury Cream Cheese was a great fit)
  • Tootsie Rolls candy
  • Toothpicks
  1. Unwrap your tootsie roll.
  2. Pinch off two equal sections and roll until you have formed the Wampa’s tusks.
  3. Pinch off another section and shape it into a flat crescent to form the mouth.
  4. Do this again with two more equal sections until you have formed two flat triangular ears, disk eyes and rounded pupils.
  5. Unwrap the granola bar.
  6. Use a knife to spread white frosting liberally over the top of the bar.
  7. Place a small mound of frosting near the top of the granola bar to form the snout.
  8. Place the Wampa’s tootsie roll eyes just above the snout.
  9. Use your toothpick to place a small dab of white frosting on the eyes and then place the tootsie roll pupils on top of the white frosting.
  10. Press the triangular ears onto the top of the granola bar. If the candy isn’t tacky enough you can use some frosting as glue.
  11. Affix the tusks on each side of the face so that they point inward towards the snout.
  12. Next place the Wampa’s mouth under the eyes and snout.
  13. You are then going to use the toothpick to lift up and outward all over the Wampa’a frosting body. This will form peaks that will look like fur.
  14. Be sure to do this on the tips of the ears as well.
  15. Now we are going to make the razor sharp teeth. This can be accomplished by pulling up on the frosting until you have a small peak on your toothpick and then placing that peak onto the mouth to form teeth.
Recipe by Wheel N Deal Mama at https://wheelndealmama.com/wampa-granola-bars-a-perfect-star-wars-snack/